Travel Philosophy

“Got no time for spreadin’ roots
The time has come to be gone
And though our health we drank a thousand times
It’s time to ramble on”
—Led Zeppelin, “Ramble On” (1969)

I’ve never felt satisfied with saying “I travel.” I have this incessant need to use a different vocabulary to describe what is perhaps my greatest passion. I am a traveler, I suppose, but I am also a rambler, a wanderer, a roamer, a wayfarer, a nomad. I may not always have a set goal for my adventures, but I approach exploration with an intentionality that is oft-overlooked. I seek to find the hidden, the dilapidated, the ignored, the marginalized. I want raw, real, and authentic experiences. I desire powerful connections with other humans rather than tangible souvenirs. I yearn to be utterly present in the moment, and I find traveling affords me these opportunities, if only I search for them.

Wanders & Rambles is the manifestation of these desires.